HTML considered as documentation format [was: Why [not] X?]

Paul Prescod
Fri, 23 May 1997 22:06:09 -0400

Gilbert Baumann wrote:
> 2. I wanted some starting point for having a decent documentation
>    system. I plan to incorporate most of the documentation available
>    for Linux today into a system. I want to experiment with methods to
>    organize the information available and want to present it thru' an
>    uniform interface. And I want to have a unified index over all
>    these documents. The documents from the LDP project are pretty easy
>    to handle, since they are using SGML, which could be converted into
>    HTML easily. 

You might want to consider supporting SGML (or XML) directly, since
Linux documentation is increasingly being created in it and commercial
Unix vendors have been moving to it for the last few years. I expect
Microsoft to move to it (XML) within the next year. 

 Paul Prescod