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At 09:27 23/05/97 +0200, gilbert@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de (Gilbert
Baumann) wrote:

>100% my opinion. This should lower the barrier to actually use a
>LispOS machine in a unix surrounding. If you are totally incompatible
>with the rest of the world you isolate yourself and only people like
>us, who are religious about Lisp would use the LispOS. I want the
>LispOS be used by more than a hundred people.

I agree. If we could get a few non-Lisp people to also use it,
that would be wonderful. I just don't expect to do it by arm-twisting.
If it was so easy to convince people to switch OS, then we'd
all be using one OS by now, probably Unix. However, it hasn't
happened, and you can't even get Unix people to agree on a
single system. Political and religious issues get in the way.

It would IMHO be grossly naive to expect things to be otherwise.
Instead, I'd recommend something like "cultural assimulation".
Networking makes that (relatively) easy. Same with VMs.

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