Marc Wachowitz
Sat, 24 May 97 02:12:48 +0200

"Harvey J. Stein" <> wrote:
> When I last tried out RScheme, I found it to be big and slow.  But
> that was well over a year ago, and I believe there's been some change
> on that front.

I didn't perform real benchmarks, but my general impression is that speed
is quite acceptable these days, and its size isn't really a big problem
for something which would get into the base of an OS. Much overhead would
certainly disappear after moving to native code instead of C, too (even
without adding further optimizations, just think of all those trampolines
to fake tail-calls in C).

Btw, in case someone is still looking on some old ftp server: The lastest
release is available from (currently
it's rs-0.7-0.1.tar.gz).

-- Marc Wachowitz <>