Let's stop the flames on USENET

Martin Cracauer cracauer@wavehh.hanse.de
Mon, 26 May 97 14:58:00 +0200

Fare Rideau writes:
> Dear LispOS project members,
>    quite a few of us have been involved in the flame war that
> rages in comp.lang.* about C++. I feel we've only been losing
> our precious time for people that do not deserve it.

Well, there have been quite some useful things in this particular

Compile-time generic modules, the importanceness of pointers
("get-only" pointers, that is) and some other issues are very relevant
to LispOS.

These are points that are ignored by previous Lisp work and standards
(Common Lisp and Scheme), but we are likely to need them for an OS. I
think we all should takes Henry Baker's advice very serious - not
believing in standards too much when we try to do something new.

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