Slow down? Speed up!

David Lichteblau
Sat, 8 Nov 1997 20:07:59 +0000

I had been listening to the silence on this list for some
time when I started to read the archive. Though I still
haven't finished reading (40%), I decided to find out if
there is still any chance for a LispOS, as someone asked a
similar question in comp.lang.lisp.

As Kelly Murray pointed out in a followup to this post,
a major problem could be that everyone discussed internals,
but only few people (as far as I've read until now) thought
about how the applications and the environment should
look like.
Although I agree that the development of usable programs
would (will?) help a lot, I find the comparison Kelly made
to Linux a bit misleading. In contrast to Linux which
is based on low-level ideas already present in every Unix, our
operating system should be high-level. I don't think we can
develop applications for an OO filesystem as long as the
structure of the filesystem and the way devices are accessed
is not known.

So how could we make this list alive again? Both recent postings
and a mail some time ago sounded as if there are some people
who are or have been working on own projects that are of
interest for a LispOS.

Perhaps we all should simply tell everyone about our ideas
and projects, even if they are very small and only in a
pre-alpha stage?
Personally I have to admit that my experience with Lisp is
just as small as my fascination about it is big.

Summary: Present you ideas - reawaken this list!

David Lichteblau