LispOS Manifesto

Mike McDonald
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 21:43:52 -0800

>Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 23:16:03 -0500
>From: Richard Coleman <>
>Subject: LispOS Manifesto

>So here are the short and long term goals.
>ULTIMATE GOAL: A full self-hosting Common Lisp based operating system
>               for x86 based machines.  We will use CMUCL on top of the
>               Flux OS toolkit from Utah.

  Sounds fine with me.

>This is obviously an ambitious, long term project.  So instead
>of tackling this directly, I would like to begin with several
>subprojects.  These projects all have utility outside of lispos.
>We may be able to get people interested in these projects, even if
>they are not interested in directly developing lispos.
>1) Continued general development of CMUCL.  In particular the new
>   work on lisp threads.

  Here's a project for all of you kernel types!

>2) Continued development of the free CLIM implementation.

  Since today was my last day at SGI and I don't start my new job
until Jan. 5th, I have a few days free. So I'll get busy again. I'm
doing the initial bringup using ACL under Linux with CLX as the
graphics package. (It generates a weird error under CMUCL on Irix that
I have to track down. The error message is "How did this happen?")

>3) Continued development and expansion of the editor Hemlock.

  I look forward to being able to use this.

>I hope people will join in and contribute.  I will be sending out
>more information about these tasks soon.
>Richard Coleman

  Mike McDonald