Flux toolkit and lispos

Richard Coleman coleman@math.gatech.edu
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 18:54:05 -0500

> speaking of the oskit, has anyone asked Jay Lepreau if the lispos
> project could get a snapshot of an old release or the current state?
> he does make the offer, to people that have a good enough reason.
> (*i* think that the lispos is good enough reason, but he might not
> share the sentiment.)

I've been planning to write and ask Jay about the current status
of Flux.  But I would like get some work started on CLIM and
Hemlock first.  There is plenty of work to do there, before we
start dealing with the {edit/boot/crash} cycle.

So, I would encourage everyone to grab a copy of CMUCL with
all the extra goodies (Hemlock is in there).  And learn how to
recompile/bootstrap CMUCL.

Also, one of the CMUCL developers has convinced me to use
MK:DEFSYSTEM as the basis of the build system for lispos.
There is an old copy in the contrib directory of CMUCL.  I have
put a copy of the latest version (3.0) in my ftp site.


Richard Coleman