Flux toolkit and lispos

Harvey J. Stein hjstein@bfr.co.il
21 Nov 1997 15:25:58 +0200

Richard Coleman <coleman@math.gatech.edu> writes:

> I've been planning to write and ask Jay about the current status
> of Flux.  But I would like get some work started on CLIM and
> Hemlock first.  There is plenty of work to do there, before we
> start dealing with the {edit/boot/crash} cycle.

Isn't there *lots* of work to be done which is independent of what
substrate the lisp compiler/interpreter is running on?  Shouldn't we
be coding things using CMUCL running on any OS at all now, and
just switch host "OS" when Flux comes out?

Harvey J. Stein
Berger Financial Research