Flux toolkit and lispos

Richard Coleman coleman@math.gatech.edu
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 11:02:54 -0500

> > I've been planning to write and ask Jay about the current status
> > of Flux.  But I would like get some work started on CLIM and
> > Hemlock first.  There is plenty of work to do there, before we
> > start dealing with the {edit/boot/crash} cycle.
> Isn't there *lots* of work to be done which is independent of what
> substrate the lisp compiler/interpreter is running on?  Shouldn't we
> be coding things using CMUCL running on any OS at all now, and
> just switch host "OS" when Flux comes out?

Yep.  There is plenty of such work.  In particular, changing Hemlock
to utilize the new multi-threading code, and working on a free version
of CLIM.

Eventually, we will need to make the switch to a standalone
CMUCL/Flux combination.  But we have plenty of work to do before then.

Richard Coleman