Slow down!!

Dwight Hughes
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 13:53:19 -0500

| From: Pierpaolo Bernardi <bernardp@CLI.DI.Unipi.IT>
|    Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 00:26:55 -0700
|    From: Mike McDonald <>
|      I think everyone is in too big a hurry here.
|      [...]
| Folks, maybe we have taken Mike's suggestion a little to much seriously? 
| Is there anything going on?
| Pierpaolo.

Ahhh, well, what we do we do very well indeed :-b.

Seems that we have gotten trapped waiting for the next Flux OSkit to come
Real Soon Now has taken on its usual meaning of Don't Hold Your Breath.

For myself, I have been doing a considerable amount of research into the
of the art in OS implementation and design as might be relevant to LispOS.
told ET that I would write all this up about a month ago for his site
(sorry -
real life has proven stubbornly intrusive). Since it seems to be a never
task, I will post a rough draft here in the next few days.

I have also come up with a possible way to get this project on the road
though it might require doing away with the artificial separation between
and LispVM. I will post this separately, hopefully today. I don't mean to
mysterious or anything -- what I am considering is effectively a Lisp
of the Squeak Smalltalk environment as a starting point (yes, written as an
on a VM to begin with), but I would like to detail some of my thoughts
how to do this, and some design decisions used in Squeak that could be
useful for creating LispOS.

-- Dwight