Make LispM code FREE (fwd)

Rainer Joswig
Wed, 01 Apr 1998 00:46:57 +0200

At 14:15 31.03.98 -0800, Mike McDonald wrote:

>>Harlequin's version on Windows is not that expensive.
>  Being a Unix weenie, I'm more interested in that. Last time I
>checked one of the above vendors for a version for a Unix version, the
>base implementation was $4000 and CLIM ws another $3000 on top. That's
>a bit out of my range for toys. (And yes, I'm playing!)


>>Symbolics Genera 8.3 comes with CLIM source. Digitool might
>>sell CLIM source for MCL for an additional price.
>  Heck, my XL1201 didn't even come with CLIM period. I had to bug them
>about it and got a binary only version on a separate CD. No sources
>for anything! And now that they're belly up again, not which hope of
>rectifying that either. :-((

My original Genera 8.3 CDROM has CLIM source on it.

>>Distributed Objects/Classes? Distributed agents?
>  How about shared memory? All of my LispOS apps a threads running in
>the same address space. Want to communicate with some app? Call it!


>>>>- Apropos
>>>>-- search through the various namespaces (variables, functions, packages,
>>>>   modules, applications, ...)
>>>  Hmm, I always found (apropos 'foo) to work just fine.
>>Personally I'm preferring (Find Symbol). Very valuable is also
>>the Apropos dialog in MCL. Makes peeking around very easy
>>and convenient.
>  Can't wait to see your implementation! :-)

O.k., I'll take it. But before that I may have to come
up with a CLIM-based UI for CL-HTTP. And before
that I have to implement some other stuff like
a log analyser for a web server and a browser
for web site objects. So don't hold your breath.

>  Sounds good as long as I can still do basic stuff in the lisp
>listener too. (Which I should be able to given the use of

The Lisp Listener mechanisms are central (command loops, menus, etc.).
But I would want the UI of a new Lisp OS much more graphical.
With graphical presentations in the Listener, too. Updating
regions in the Listener. Place a clock in a Listener. It should keep
updating. Same for process listings, etc. Actually
you can change view settings of presented data afterwards
in a Symbolics listener. For example you can change
the sort criteria of a directory listing, after it
has been printed to the listener.