Make LispM code FREE (fwd)

Damond Walker
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 07:45:17 -0500

>>     Yeah, why create from scratch when there is a load of code out there
>> waiting to be pulled in or learned from.....?


>The MIT lisp code would surely be interesting, but I really doubt
>it is going to be much more than a curiousity rather than the
>base for a new LispOS.

    If anything, we could learn from the "mistakes of the elders" so to
speak -- it's that whole "...doomed to repeat it..." thing.

    I've been thinking of starting some GUI stuff once Franz releases CLIM
on linux.  Anyone care to help in this endeavor?  The way I figure, any
portable CLIM stuff we do now should sit nicely on top of whatever
foundation we have in the future....