LISPOS: My manifesto

Damond Walker
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 07:55:01 -0500

The lambda way....

>> (select '(name) :from users :where (lambda (x) (= (acctnum x) 44833)))

The "normal" way...

>> (select '(name) :from users :where '(acctnum = 44833))


>Some compromise should be reached, because I would bitterly
>oppose loss of the lambda expression in the where clause
>at all costs -- even at the cost of the entire SQL project.
>If it doesn't have lambda, then it isn't worth writing.

    Now tell hard would it be to have the package accept *both*
ways of doing things.  My experience with Lisp has been light but it would
seem to me that it was then, and is now, quite possible to wrote the package
to accept anything you threw at it.
    You could easily have :WHERE for "standard" clauses and :WHEREL for the
lambda case right?