Project SilkOS

Kelly Murray
Thu, 02 Apr 1998 12:12:21 -0800

I've invested a day putting up a website for my SilkOS project,
you can access via
Of course, this website is run by my persistent-object-based
web server, which is the same web server that has been
running for over a year.
We need the first volunteer to take over and improve this first public
"internet project manager" SilkOS application!

I've gone back through my contributions to the LispOS mailing
from 8-12 months ago, and combined them all into an "archive" page.
This archive represents my ideas and plans a year ago, which is more
valid today than ever.

I note that the recent JaveONE conference
and the Java community in general is now focusing on running
Java as a general-purpose server-side dynamic-HTML application. has shown important and key this approach is.
The web server-side app,, was sold to Microsoft
for millions of dollars.  

I'm sorry to have to say it, but in my opinion, 
a LispOS project which is a GNUified Lisp Machine clone
using CMU-CL and the FluxOS toolkit, with CLIM as the interface
will be just another irrelevant failed Lisp project if
it ever got anywhere to begin with.

I want to work with people who share my goals and vision
and who want to make a real difference in the software world.
I find it extremely upsetting that something so great as Lisp has
been relegated to the backwaters of the computer industry,
and have been very frustrated over the last 15 years.
I believe we have the "killer app" that is going to make the
difference, as I've described in the archive, basically
a low-cost distributed-memory multiprocessor server-side web machine.
I will succeed building something valuable that may make me
and my supporters wealthy, but it won't change the world
without support and help from a lot others.
I'd like a have a million dollars so I don't have to "work" for a living,
but I'd rather change the world.
Or better yet, do both, they seem to be related.

-Kelly Edward Murray