the "standard" development platform?

Richard Coleman
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 23:56:09 -0400

> >Since I haven't quite caught up with the recent LispOS mail,
> >I wanted to be clear about what will be the "standard"
> >development platform -- if I read the right messages this
> >would seem to be FreeBSD and CMUCL. Correct?
>   I believe Richard has chosen Linux and CMUCL. (Linux or FreeDSB
> shouldn't make much difference, at least in the early stages.)

Actually, I'm using FreeBSD 2.2.5 and CMUCL.  But as Mike said,
that doesn't really make a difference at the moment.

My progress has been slowed down somewhat, since I've had trouble
building CMUCL from source.  But I think I've got that licked now,
with some help from Ray.

> I'm using ACL under Linux for my initial developement work on CLIM. (CMUCL
> doesn't have CLOS based streams yet. One of the guys on the cmucl-imp
> team is working on that.)
> >Also, it would seem that the ultimate questions of what to
> >base the initial LispOS kernel development on and what the
> >kernel might look like have been postponed until we actually
> >have some code to _run_ on it.
> >
> >(I direct this primarily to Richard Coleman or Mike McDonald.)
> >
>   Lots and lots of stuff should be generic Common Lisp so it should
> run on any CL platform.
>   Mike McDonald