Threads anyone?

Rodrigo Ventura
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 00:19:53 +0100 (GMT+0100)

        Hi. This question is half-off-topic, but here it goes:

        I tried to use threads in rscheme but it looked like only a
small subset of the documented functions were implemented. Then I
found out an "hidden" huge-named module which also implemented threads
that looked like the documented functions. Anyway it seemed still
unusable and I gave up. The whole idea was to port a agent-oriented
language I developed in Common Lisp to scheme, and rscheme looked like
a great platform.

        Several months after I'm interested in resuming that project,
and perhaps redesign a new agent-oriented language from scratch, and I
want to start doing some experimentation. The idea is to use threading
intensively, looking at sequencing as an optimization. Anyway, what I
want is a strong thread support in a scheme language platform.

        Here are my options so far:
                rscheme -- unusable thread support, at least now
                scm -- no threads at all, AFAIK
                mit-scheme -- no threads, too complex system
                scheme48 -- some thread support

        Is there anymore scheme implementations with better/working
thread support? Is any working Common Lisp environment working with
threads? Is my evaluation of the above scheme implementations
wrong/incomplete? What are your suggestions?



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