Lisp User Group Meeting 1998 in Munich, Germany

Rainer Joswig
Thu, 8 Jan 1998 12:39:57 +0100

Lisp User Group Meeting 1998 in Munich, Germany

Tuesday, 10. February 1998 (Parallel to the OOP '98)

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* Invitation

Dear Lisp Friend!=20

This year Lisp users will have again the opportunity to meet parallel

the OOP '98 in Munich. We are continueing the success of the Lisp User

Group Meeting in 1997. It will be again a place for Lisp developers to

share ideas and discuss interesting topics: additionally to the talks

will be able to meet people from all over Europe and the US. This is an

exciting opportunity to talk with Lisp users, developers and

And best of all, it is free for everyone. There are no fees for the=20


As a invited guest John C. Mallery from the MIT AI Lab in Cambridge/MA

will give us an overview about Lisp programming for the world wide web.

He is the principle author of CL-HTTP - the most advanced fully dynamic

web server available.=20

Please send your questions concerning the Lisp User Group Meeting to=20 If you need help for finding a hotel or

similar questions, please contact this email address, too.

* Agenda

The agenda for the Lisp User Group Meeting 1998 in Munich, Germany.

The event will take place at the 10. February 1998 .

Tuesday, 10. February 1998=20

 09:15 Welcome

 09:30 Talk: Environments as first-class values, Ernst van Waning

 10:00 Coffee Break

 10:30 Invited Talk: CL-HTTP, John Mallery (MIT AI Lab)

 12:30 Lunch

 14:00 Talk: Has CLIM a future in web-based applications?,

       Dr. Ralf M=F6ller (Universit=E4t Hamburg),=20

 14:30 Talk: Dr. Struve (Signal Versicherungen)

 15:00 Coffee Break

 15:30 Vendor News

 16:00 Discussions/Ideas

 17:00 End

We also are planning a social event in a Munich restaurant in the=20

evening on Tuesday.=20

* Where does it take place?

  Queens Hotel Muenchen

  Effnerstrasse 99

  81925 Muenchen


  Phone: +49 89 927980

  Fax: +49 89 983813

* Check in / Registration

Please use the web form at

to check in. Alternatively send email to .

* Lisp User group

Join the mailing list for European Lisp users. Use the administration=20

interface at to be added.

Addtionally we will keep you updated on the web site


Ingo Kriescher, Rainer Joswig and Achim Reupert

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