Reminder: Lisp User Group Meeting, 10.February 1998, Munich/Germany

Rainer Joswig
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 23:34:22 +0100

Reminder: Third Lisp User Group Meeting,
          Tuesday, 10.February 1998
          Munich, Germany


we would like to remind you of the Lisp User Group
Meeting 1998 in Munich, Germany. It takes
place in parallel to the OOP 98.

Lisp users from all over Europe and the US are meeting
there to discuss the latest developments and to
hear talks about the use of Lisp for today's
advanced software problems.

As this year's special invited guest John C. Mallery
from the MIT AI Lab will talk about CL-HTTP and
related applications. This includes for example
the White House web site, where the document
distribution to the American people
is based on a sophisticated CL-HTTP application.

We also hope that Gregor Kiczales from Xerox PARC
will join us. Dr. Struve will talk about a Lisp
application that is in use by 3000 people at
Signal Versicherungen. Dr. Ralf Möller will talk
about ideas to expand CLIM's ideas to web
programming. Ernst van Waning present environments
as first class values in Scheme. Jim Veitch
from Franz Inc. will give us an update
on the latest developments on the vendors side.

The event is free and you can register online
via a web form at .

We are confident that we have again a very
attractive program. Meeting fellow Lisp users will
also be an important part of this event.


Rainer Joswig, Ingo Kriescher, Achim Reupert

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