Minimum set of primitives?

Rodrigo Ventura
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 10:39:30 +0100 (GMT+0100)

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Prescod <> writes:

    Paul> On a purely social level, I think that any project trying to design an
    Paul> operating systems from scratch over the Internet is likely to fail.

        Are you from Microsoft or something??? 8-)

        Now seriously, many of the *best* freeware software have been
made in this medium. Do you know Linux, Emacs, GIMP, etc.?

    Paul> Copying an OS is simple: you know what you are trying to achieve and you

        Hum, aren't you really from microsoft??? Now I'm getting
really suspicious... 8-)

    Paul> just argue about the ways to achieve it. Designing one is probably next
    Paul> to impossible, unless the group has a "benevolent dictator" that just
    Paul> says: "decision made, move on to the next question." Even so, the
    Paul> dictator's view of the "perfect operating system" will probably turn off
    Paul> hundreds of potential volunteers. It is much better to clone something
    Paul> that someone else has already designed (as in Linux).

        Ok, now seriously again, of course some leadership may be
necessary at some point. But that shall not prevent us from
speculating and discussing ideas. Let's just hope someone with enought
expertise, lisp insight and leadership comes about.



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