Minimum set of primitives?

Rodrigo Ventura
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 15:37:04 +0100 (GMT+0100)

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Prescod <> writes:

    Paul> I don't know about the GIMP, but EMACS and Linux were *not* made in this
    Paul> environment. Linux was started by *one man* who kept control over
    Paul> everything (essentially) and started the project using a (relatively)
    Paul> coherent existing design. Emacs is more or less the same. Neither was
    Paul> created by a committee of people shouting their favourite design
    Paul> features, and neither was *research* or *design*. They were both
    Paul> *implementation* efforts where the designs were more or less known
    Paul> already (there are lots of Unix-like operating systems and text editors
    Paul> to steal features from).

        Yeah, you are absolutely in some points. However note that
Linus developed a very small Linux kernel, I guess version 0.01 was
about 70k gzipped code! Nowadays it has extended beyond the 10MB! Many
of the contributions were written by people other than Linus. However
I believe Linux has total control about what enters and leaves the
kernel. Yet, I'm sure there has been gigabytes of discussion to get it
as it is now. Note also that there wasn't much to discuss at the
conceptual level (as LispOS) about a UNIX kernel. Many things were
established from the start, the only quesion was how to implement
them, in order to have an amazing fast OS while maintaining UNIX
system calls compatibility (and POSIX).

    >> Ok, now seriously again, of course some leadership may be
    >> necessary at some point. But that shall not prevent us from
    >> speculating and discussing ideas. Let's just hope someone with enought
    >> expertise, lisp insight and leadership comes about.
    Paul> There's nothing wrong with talking. Just don't think that we're moving
    Paul> forward by discussing "file system or object system" every three months.
    Paul> We won't move forward until someone starts coding.
        And you are right again. And almost everybody agrees with
you. The first line of code is the more difficult one.

        So, I'll solve it right away:

int main( int argc, char **argv ) {


        What the next line shall be?



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