Benevolent Dictatorship

Rainer Joswig
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 14:51:09 +0100

At 11:30 Uhr +0100 20.03.1998, Rodrigo Ventura wrote:
>>>>>> "Mike" == Mike McDonald <> writes:
>    Mike>   Well, why don't you (the perverbiable you), get a copy of CMUCL, put
>    Mike> it on Linux, and start writing something. There's tons of things to
>    Mike> write that don't require OS kernel expertise. Things like file system
>    Mike> browsers, enhancing Hemlock, networking utilities (gzip, ftp, tar so
>    Mike> you can get the latest CMUCL from the net (when they're back up)), ...
>        I guess CMUCL is a bad choice: too heavy, too big, too complex
>and too slow.

How about providing an overview/comparison of existing systems? Guessing
might not be enough.

Currently CMU CL is the only choice for a CL-based system (IMHO).
It would be even better if it would run under Windows NT.

Weak points of CMU CL:

- not enough users (this can be changed)
- hard to port
- Threads and a better GC are still in development and only for
  Intel (AFAIK).
- CLOS is slow.

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