Minimum set of primitives?

Paul Prescod
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 10:09:20 -0500

Rodrigo Ventura wrote:
> >>>>> "Paul" == Paul Prescod <> writes:
>     Paul> On a purely social level, I think that any project trying to design an
>     Paul> operating systems from scratch over the Internet is likely to fail.
>         Are you from Microsoft or something??? 8-)
>         Now seriously, many of the *best* freeware software have been
> made in this medium. Do you know Linux, Emacs, GIMP, etc.?

I don't know about the GIMP, but EMACS and Linux were *not* made in this
environment. Linux was started by *one man* who kept control over
everything (essentially) and started the project using a (relatively)
coherent existing design. Emacs is more or less the same. Neither was
created by a committee of people shouting their favourite design
features, and neither was *research* or *design*. They were both
*implementation* efforts where the designs were more or less known
already (there are lots of Unix-like operating systems and text editors
to steal features from).

>         Ok, now seriously again, of course some leadership may be
> necessary at some point. But that shall not prevent us from
> speculating and discussing ideas. Let's just hope someone with enought
> expertise, lisp insight and leadership comes about.
There's nothing wrong with talking. Just don't think that we're moving
forward by discussing "file system or object system" every three months.
We won't move forward until someone starts coding.
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