Lisp Machine Emulators?

Rainer Joswig
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 17:31:13 +0100

At 10:01 Uhr -0600 20.03.1998, wrote:

>But my pessimism aside (I still think we need leadership darnit! :)),
>I saw reference to an Interlisp emulator for the PC?  Is this
>a commercial product, or is it downloadable, and if so from
>where?  I did a brief web search but found nothing.

It is(was?) a commercial product from "Venue". I guess
it is difficult to get. I know someone who managed to get
a copy (not me) here in Germany.

>In fact, are there any lisp machine emulators out there, and
>if so from where may they be acquired?

Open Genera is an emulator of the Symbolics Genera OS
running on DEC Alpha (under OSF/1). DEC Alphas
are not very common manchines, though.

>Apart from being able to try out a Lisp machine at home,
>I think this thing may give more people a better idea
>as to what needs to be done, and could be very inspirational.

Some commercial Lisp systems are either featureful
(like LispWorks under Unix) or can interface the
native OS very good (like Macintosh Common Lisp).
There you can get very far while staying inside Lisp.

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