Minimum set of primitives?

Harvey J. Stein
20 Mar 1998 20:10:52 +0300 (Kragen) writes:

> On Fri, 20 Mar 1998, Paul Prescod wrote:
> > I don't know about the GIMP, but EMACS and Linux were *not* made in this
> > environment. Linux was started by *one man* who kept control over
> > everything (essentially) and started the project using a (relatively)
> > coherent existing design. Emacs is more or less the same. 
> This is also true of the GIMP -- except it was two men instead of one.
> Both of them have now left the project; it stagnated for a few months,
> but now Quartic has pretty much taken over.

"Control" is a strong word.  Linux started as a task switcher.
Versions 0.0* were written by Linus.  When it progressed to where he
thought he had something interesting, he put it up on the net.  It was
still pretty far from a unix kernel.  Many people defected from minix
hacking to contribute huge chunks of code (the networking support, the
ext2fs file system, ...).  I think Linus was pretty open about
accepting such contributions.  I'd consider him more as a "patch
coordinator" than as a head of development who "kept control over

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