CL functionality in SchemeOS

Byron Davies
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 07:19:36 -0700

A persistent Scheme on Linux would be a great move forward.

One of the things that made the Linux effort work was the vast amount of
GNU software that RMS and the Free Software Foundation had already created.
The Linux kernel plus GNU software quickly became a complete Unix system.
Linux without the GNU software would probably have been just another toy
operating system.

As a long-time Common Lisp user, I think SchemeOS without most of the
functionality embodied in CLtL2, would be just another toy operating
system.  Perhaps CMUCL can serve the role of GNU.  Independent of the
"kernel" work on persistence, others could move forward with the conversion
of CMUCL functionality to Scheme.  Perhaps the work could be divided up by
the chapters of CLtL2: an individual or team could take responsibility for
one or more chapters.