CL functionality in SchemeOS

Christian Lynbech on satellite
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 21:32:26 +0100 (CET)

>>>>> "Byron" == Byron Davies <> writes:

Byron> As a long-time Common Lisp user, I think SchemeOS without most
Byron> of the functionality embodied in CLtL2, would be just another
Byron> toy operating system.

I absolutely agree, though I think that SLIB (a scheme library) goes
some of the distance of bringing CL functionality to scheme.

Wrt. OO there is also a number of implementations available.

Byron> Perhaps the work could be divided up by the chapters of CLtL2:
Byron> an individual or team could take responsibility for one or more
Byron> chapters.

Some of Mark Kantrowitzs portable packages (such as defsystem and
xref) should also be considered. Not because these facilities
necessarily are The Right Solution (TM) but because metaprogramming is
pretty much lacking in the scheme world (AFAIK).

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