CL OS Approach

Chris Bitmead chrisb@Ans.Com.Au
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 06:17:27 +0000

Christian Lynbech on satellite wrote:

> I would suggest you check out the `schsh' (SCHeme SHell) project run
> by Olin Shivers. Allthough that is done in scheme, he has spent some
> time thinking about how to map OS abstraction into scheme. It is
> rather UNIXoid in its orientaton, but I still think there are usefull
> lessons to be learned.

While I think it's well worth looking at scsh, in my opinion scsh
is a great scheme interface to UNIX, but not terribly relevent to
the LispOS way that things should be done. As I think Olin
Shivers said himself, scsh is unashamedly UNIXoid, and doesn't
consider the possibility that co-operating processes via pipes
(UNIX) might not be the best way of doing things (like LispOS).

Chris Bitmead