Why LispOS?

Martti Halminen Martti.Halminen@dpe.fi
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 11:27:54 +0200

J. Han wrote:
> To Old Timers:
> I have been meaning to ask this question and present discussion
> seems to be a good place to ask it:
>         What is it like using a Lisp Machine?
> I have read a few AI Lab memos and seen Genera screenshots, but
> I still don't have concrete feel for a Lisp Machine.  I usually
> live inside Emacs but of course it's not quite the Real McCoy, is it?
> I bet many people who have never seen a live LispM would like
> to hear the answer, too.  Old timers: it's an open invitation to
> tell your stories.  Spill all the juicy details!

There used to be a book about this, saw it once in a bookstore, but
didn't buy as I wasn't in a position to get a LispM those days. Mostly
written about Symbolics machines, IIRC. 

I took a look at www.amazon.com, and they still list it:

                         Lisp Lore : A Guide to Programming the Lisp
                         by Hank Bromley, Richard Lamson
                         List: $91.50
                         Our Price: $91.50

                         Availability: This title
                         usually ships within
                         4-6 weeks. Please note
                         that titles occasionally
                         go out of print or
                         publishers run out of
                         stock. We will notify
                         you within 2-3 weeks if
                         we have trouble
                         obtaining this title. 

                         2nd Edition 
                         Published by Kluwer
                         Academic Pub
                         Publication date: June 1987
                         ISBN: 0898382289

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