Genera and GPL

William A. Barnett-Lewis
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 10:52:19 -0600


I am currently communicating with several folks at MIT in order to gain
the release of the LispM sources. If you would care to, you might try
sending email to the director of the AI Lab, Rod Brooks, at 

Thanks for any help you can give.

William Barnett-Lewis

Fare Rideau wrote:
> [About paying to make LispM software public]
> > The legal fees to find out
> > who owns it might only amount to a few hundred or a few thousand dollars.
> > I'd be willing to put up 10 bucks.  How about you?
> I'm ready to pay from a few bucks to a few thousand bucks,
> depending on what I get back. I won't send any money to anyone
> I can't trust, and as I'm in France, there are little ways I
> can get to trust any lawyer in the States.
> What about contacting FSF professionals, or people from another
> well-known free software organization, big enough to have lawyers?
> Such people I could trust, and send them a one hundreds bucks "to see"
> and one thousand "to buy"...
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