Make LispM code FREE

Fare Rideau
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 18:26:52 +0100

Dear GNU people,
   I am very interested in LispMachines,
and similar technology of Operating Systems based on high-level languages.
   However, most LispM code seems to have disappeared from existence,
because of stubborn proprietary software policies.

   I'd like part or all of the LispM code base to be published again,
now as free software, so as to port it to common hardware, but that's
no task I can do myself, since I'm an isolated student in France, and
the "owners" of this software are lots of US companies, or whoever
bought their assets after they went bankrupt.
   Would it be possible that FSF lawyers, or other pro-free-software lawyers
that you could point to me, try to contact the MIT, HP (who bought the
TI department that did LispM), Xerox, whoever now owns Symbolics, etc,
to convince them to release their code under GPL, or some other
free-software license?
   I myself, as well as (I think) many people on the
mailing-list would be glad to participate in the expenses of the operation,
as well as (depending on the amount required) in buying the rights from
the current owners.
   Of course, this operation should be done in close contact with
former lispmachine experts (which I am not, but RMS no doubt knows
who to ask to help you), who can say what is worth paying for or not
among what's left of LispMachines.


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