Make LispM code FREE

Byron Davies
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 10:36:13 -0700

Fare said:

>   Of course, this operation should be done in close contact with
>former lispmachine experts (which I am not, but RMS no doubt knows
>who to ask to help you), who can say what is worth paying for or not
>among what's left of LispMachines.

RMS is a "former lispmachine expert".  As I recall, the proprietary
behavior of Symbolics toward MIT's government-funded Lisp machine
technology was what drove him to set up the Free Software Foundation.  RMS
was a major help in making LMI and TI competitive with Symbolics.  Almost
single-handedly, he accomplished the rapid conversion of TI/LMI software to
Common Lisp, as soon as the standard was defined.  Finally, however, he got
so mad at the Lisp companies that he started a free Unix effort.

It would be sweet indeed if RMS could now help bring LispM software out of
the darkness.