Lisp Machines

Rainer Joswig
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 20:29:33 +0100

At 11:05 27.03.98 -0800, Mike McDonald wrote:

>  I think I'd prefer CLIM to Composer. It's more of an "open" standard
>than Composer is. But by no means do I think CLIM is THE windowing

Composer is a collection of tools for the development system.

>  I think CMUCL would be the longer term base. In the meantime, use
>either ACL or CMUCL. A lot of the stuff that needs to be written can
>be done so in pure CL.

At LUGM 98 Franz agreed to provide an implementation (in binary
form) of CLIM 2 for Linux ACL. It will be available under
the same terms as ACL for Linux (free for non commercial use).
A friend of mine already got the CLIM source from Franz
for doing this port to Linux (plus Motif).

So Linux users will have a quality CL and CLIM implementation
to start hacking applications and an environment.

Others can write a free version of CLIM.


Rainer Joswig