Why LispOS?

Will Hartung vfr750@netcom.com
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 20:15:17 -0800 (PST)

> > This is somewhat uncalled for, kelly has contributed a lot to this
> > list, 
> Sounds to me like he's sucked our minds for ideas, skulked off
> and built something proprietry, and now he's having a whinge that
> we havn't done anything.
> Maybe this is unfair, but I found it a bit offensive.

Ah, the only thing better than ignorance, is ignorance with a bull
horn. Clearly, you weren't here.

Kelly joined up to this list with the same goal as everyone else:
Getting Lisp into the mainstream. Many felt a good path was via a
LispOS, but Kelly thought different. His focus is more toward an
advanced system Lisp Server for assorted applications, at least it
was. Something that meshed with the computing world as we know it and
it's assorted levels of Hell, rather than trying to supplant it

While his ideas had some parallels with LispOS, it is fundamentally
different. HE went off and worked on his own. He's been working on it
for, what, at LEAST 6+ months. AND he's managed to convince his
management that some of his time is worth the project he's working

I'd get a lot more done on my Lisp Black project that I'm working on if
I could get a few prime hours during the day when I'm conscious, than
when I roll into the house at 7:30 and need to devote attentions to one
of those female distractions that's been mentioned. But, my little
project is going through, and I WILL get paid green backed federal
reserve notes to implement my little gem in a classic Client/Server
environment that had never HEARD of the word Lisp before.

Kelly doesn't need me to defend him, but, frankly, you, Chris, don't
have any idea what your talking about in regard to Kelly. So, please,
just drop it.


Will Hartung