Why LispOS?

Chris Bitmead chrisb@Ans.Com.Au
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 10:35:27 +0000

Will Hartung wrote:

>Ah, the only thing better than ignorance, is ignorance with a bull
>horn. Clearly, you weren't here.

I was here, but I don't recall you contributing anything back

> Kelly joined up to this list with the same goal as everyone else:
> Getting Lisp into the mainstream. 

Silly me, I thought the list was called "lispOS", no?

> Many felt a good path was via a
> LispOS, but Kelly thought different. His focus is more toward an
> advanced system Lisp Server for assorted applications, at least it
> was. 

Nonsense. He even contributed his own name for our project

>Something that meshed with the computing world as we know it and
>it's assorted levels of Hell, rather than trying to supplant it

Nonsense. He told us way back that he was going to Franz
management with the idea of  (I quote)

"define a simple lisp kernel layer"
"replace UNIX cron"
"replace sendmail, pop, web browser"
"replace web server"

If that isn't "supplanting entirely" what is there is now, then
what is???

...and that he was going to enlist the lispos mailing list people
to "send me mail directly if they would like to help me work on
my SilkMachine project."

> you, Chris, don't
> have any idea what your talking about in regard to Kelly. So, please,
> just drop it.

I don't think it goes against the spirit of this mailing list,
set up to attempt to build a free LispOS, to state that I would
have much preferred it if Kelly had taken our ideas, and built
something with us (like he said he was going to do).

Ok, so he has deliberately chosen not to work with us, so be it.
If we all did that, then guaranteed that the free lisp OS will
not be built. Then he comes back here and is surprised that
nothing has been done when he has deliberately withheld his work
from this project. I just find that just a tad hypocritical. No
sorry, I find that very hypocritical.