Why LispOS?

Jordan Henderson jordan@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 23:04:58 -0600 (CST)

Noah Friedman writes:
> >As far as I can see, much of the advancement in every 
> >field has come from people building "something proprietary".
> >
> >There's a lesson here.  Mr. Murray doesn't get paid to
> >talk about his exciting vision, he's paid to implement it.
> Yes, but until you actually have something to show for your work, taunting
> us with "I'm working on this, but I won't tell you anything about it or
> show it to you yet" makes me feel like responding with "then shut up about
> it in the meantime already."  

Perhaps taunts will spur some to action.

> Is lispos supposed to be a vaporware product announcement mailing list, or
> is it forum for people to discuss implementing a lisp OS in a more
> cooperative fashion?  

I don't know what the lispos list is "supposed" to be, but I didn't see
any product announcements, vaporware or otherwise.  What I saw from Mr.
Kelley was the expression of sentiments similar to those you yourself
express below, along with his assertion that he'd made quite a bit of
progress toward his vision, which he wasn't able to share with us due
to it's proprietary nature.

>                        And if you believe the latter isn't possible (after
> reading this list silently for the last year, I'm not so convinced it is
> anymore), why are you still on the list yourself?

A good question.  Mr. Kelley has apparently decided to leave the list
soon, as it appears that you may be doing as well.  Perhaps I'm looking
for something good to come out of all of this, although I'm also becoming
increasingly convinced that this is not possible.

-Jordan Henderson