Lisp Activity

Howard R. Stearns
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 12:49:22 -0600

There will be an organizational meeting of the Association of Lisp
Users at next week's "40th Anniversary of Lisp" conference.  If you
cannot attend the meeting, but would like to bring up issues or
otherwise participate in Lisp community activity, please contact this week.

The conference is Sunday the 15th through Wednesday the 18th in
Berkeley, CA.  Lisp originator John McCarthy and author Paul Graham
will be keynotes.  The ALU meeting will be Wednesday evening, so don't
leave early!  See

The Association of Lisp Users (ALU) is a user group which aims to
promote Lisp, help inform and educate Lisp users in general, and help
represent Lisp users as a group to the vendors.  ALU has international
membership and is incorporated in the US.  See