MIT 6.001

Timothy Writer
11 Nov 1998 14:45:22 -0500 (Kragen) writes:

> On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, James A. Crippen wrote:
> > PR1ME terminal I once worked on) amongst other terminak-lossage.  The
> > input system of scsh is still wanting much refinement IMHO, and should
> > find some way to integrate the GNU readline library for all those nifty
> > command line editing features.. . . Time to print out the
> > bash source and see how they do it, I suppose.
> readline is GPLed; if you link readline into MIT Scheme, MIT Scheme
> must be GPLed (or licensed under a less restrictive license than the
> GPL).  I am not aware of whether this is the case.
> getline might be a possible alternative (IIRC it comes with ncftp; its
> major loses compared with readline are (a) only horizontal scrolling,
> no linewrap capability, and (b) no vi mode.)  I can't remember its
> licensing.

You might consider ripping zle out of the Z-shell.  I've no idea how hard
this might be, but I belive zsh is released under a less restrictive license
than GPL.

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