C++ symbolic expression tools?

Clemens Heitzinger cheitzin@rainbow.studorg.tuwien.ac.at
15 Nov 1998 20:16:05 +0100

Eric Tiedemann <est@apache.org> writes:

> Greetings lispers!
> I'm looking for C++ tools for i/o and representation of symbolic
> expressions.  Since this topic has been discussed in the past on this list,
> I thought I'd ask here.
> Salient points:
> a) Either Scheme or Common Lisp sexprs would be useful.
> b) I can't just use a generic Lisp-in-C library since I'm using this for
> realtime purposes and can't afford an intrusive garbage collection pause.

It has been mentioned on comp.lang.lisp several days ago that
Harlequin (http://www.harlequin.com) sells a Lisp with real-time
garbage collector.

> c) GPLed code would be useful, but a somewhat more liberal license would be
> preferred.
> d) The ideal library would integrate seamlessly with C++ generic arithmetic.
> e) I'm already using a (GLPLed) version that I cobbled together, so if
> nothing turns up, I can share/develop it with others. :)

If you want free software, perhaps CLISP is the solution.

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