Scheme compilers

James A. Crippen
Tue, 1 Sep 1998 15:10:42 -0800 (AKDT)

I'm looking to make a/o adapt a scheme compiler for a parallel distributed
OS that I'm designing.  I've already browsed LIAR for ideas, but the
MIT-Scheme system is (as ppl have said) far too complex for my tastes,
though it is very well developed.  The only real requirement I have is
that it generates compiled object code for ix86 processors and runs in
*nix.  And has *some* sort of documentation besides comments.

Anyone have any good suggestions?  Even simple Lisp compilers will work as
I can adapt them to do what I want, though some differences between the
languages may be insurmountable.

If anyone recalls me mentioning the idea for a Scheme-based OS they might
wish to know that I'm getting started on it.  Still designing, and slowly,
but it's going.  My time's mostly taken up with making moitoring equipment
for a biologist, and what free time I have has been spent on the parallel
cluster some of the local lab freaks are building, so I haven't found any
time to do more than just reading, thinking, and browsing source.  If
anyone's interested I'll put my notes up on our web server for public
perusal.  Comments are welcome, but lousy content-free flamage will be
silently tossed in the bit bucket.


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