Scheme compilers

Alexander Shendi
04 Sep 1998 20:05:29 +0200

"James A. Crippen" <> writes:

> I'm looking to make a/o adapt a scheme compiler for a parallel distributed
> OS that I'm designing.  I've already browsed LIAR for ideas, but the
> MIT-Scheme system is (as ppl have said) far too complex for my tastes,
> though it is very well developed.  The only real requirement I have is
> that it generates compiled object code for ix86 processors and runs in
> *nix.  And has *some* sort of documentation besides comments.

Well AFAIK the only Scheme system that has a native code compiler 
for the ix86 is MIT-Scheme/Liar. RScheme can compile to
byte codes and to C. Scheme48 (and I assume Kali) compile to byte codes.

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