Scheme compilers

Clemens Heitzinger
11 Sep 1998 23:58:20 +0200 writes:

>   Wild idea. Does the MIPS architecture, specificly the R5K, meet your
> hardware requirements? (I don't know how many address lines are
> brought out.)I was thinking something like a Cobalt Microsystems cube
> running Linux and OpenGenera would be nice. Heck, you could skip the
> Linux part and sell them as XL5000s with CL-HTTP!

You can get Alpha/Linux machines in Austria for about 1400 USD.

>   Like I said, just a wild idea. :-) I just wish there was someway to
> make OpenGenera more widely available. (At a reasonable price!)

An OpenGenera freely or cheaply (!) available for *non-commercial*
purposes, like Franz Inc.'s ACL/Linux is, would be a great move.  It
would have advantages for Symbolics, too:

Interested people -- like students -- could get to know it and use
it for non-commercial purposes.  This increases mindshare, and people
who know the product and like it are likely to buy it later or
recommend it to customers.  Symbolics looses nothing, but gains
mindshare and customers.

It would help the Lisp community.  People could write (free) Common
Lisp software that uses CLIM.  It's a pity still that one needs an
Alpha box.

Clemens Heitzinger
Student der Techn. Mathematik, Technische Universität Wien, Österreich
Vienna University of Technology, Austria