CC:, To:, etc.

Martin Cracauer
Sun, 13 Sep 1998 14:52:20 +0200

In <>, James A. Crippen wrote: 
> I've been noticing a lot of mail from the list that's duplicated two or
> three times.  We're all on the list, so unless the communication is
> private don't bother to add CCs to particular people.  It's mildly
> annoying to have to sort out duplicates and delete them.  So don't cc, and
> don't 'reply to all recipients' in the pine idiom.  That makes life easier
> for those of us who still use text-based (vs GUI) mail readers.

But it makes it impossible to discuss with people not on the mailing

Many tty mailers have appropriate sort functions (while most GUI mailer
don't). And procmail can easily be used to delete duplicates based on
message ID.