lispos mailing list closing down

Ray Dillinger
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 11:48:30 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, Richard Coleman wrote:

>Since I am no longer working at Ga. Tech (and am busy at my new
>job), the lispos mailing list will be closing down in the next
>several days.

>If someone creates a mailing list for Lisp/Scheme hackers to
>hang out and dream of an eventual lispOS, then announce it here

I think perhaps it was time. 

Some of us are quietly working, but it's pretty much "heads
down" as there's not enough consensus on the lispos list to
coalesce into a single vision or project, or even really talk
about the work without starting a war.

I have a single vision, which for want of a better name I'm
calling "Ocelot". If you want to be a part of *THIS* vision, 
then drop me an email.  If there is sufficient interest, then 
I will be setting up an email list.

I expect that others with different visions will be doing the
				Ray Dillinger

	1) The implementation language will be "Ocelot Scheme",
	   which is basically R5RS scheme, plus...
	    A) I'm adding records.
            B) I'm adding "packages" (think "modules" but 
                require everyone to declare what they're 
                importing from each module)
            C) I'm adding a bunch of bit-fiddling extensions
                for working with raw binary fixed-length data
                and hardware ports so that libraries for working
		with (whatever) can be implemented without
		dropping to another language.

	2)  The Ocelot OS will strongly resemble UNIX in its 
                basic organization -- the primary difference 
                being the availability of object streams and 

		Other languages (Common Lisp, C, etc) will be 
		implemented for the Ocelot OS as time goes on, 
		but the basic runtime model and call frame 
		structure for all languages will be the same 
		as that implemented for Ocelot Scheme -- in 
		order to make interoperability work.  In
		particular, All call frames will be in the heap.