lispos mailing list closing down

Kelly Murray
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 12:03:27 -0800

> If someone creates a mailing list for Lisp/Scheme hackers to
> hang out and dream of an eventual lispOS, then announce it here
> soon.

OK, it took a while but it's working:  a mail system
written in lisp using persistent objects.  As I said I would.

Let's give it another shot.
I'm now calling it NICLOS, the language NICL,
Next Implementation of Common Lisp.

"The dream is a Slot Machine"

Add your $.05, and subscribe:

send to  Subject: subscribe

Actually, I figure to at least discuss my OODB implementation on
the niclos mailing list.  1) how to release the implementation
to the community and 2) I could use some input on many aspects
of the design and implementation.  In particular, here's a
problem/issue I'm now wrestling with:
How can a class be both persistent and non-persistent?
A persistent class is redefined, instances get updated, but then the
transaction is aborted -- the persistent instances go back to
their previous state, but the class definition in memory doesn't?

-Kelly Murray