Producing the instruction implementations -Reply

Marcus G. Daniels
12 May 1997 10:55:16 -0700

>>>>> "JW" == James P White <> writes:

JW> It is clear to me that the reason he did not use the GPL for Kawa
JW> is that he wants it to be adopted by commercial vendors in their
JW> products.  This is what my company is planning to do, and we would
JW> not do it if Kawa was restricted by copyleft. 

It seems to me a sourceware JVM code generator library and a embeddable
Scheme interpreter falls under the category of `strategic decision for

JW> This is the
JW> position of practically every software vendor, with the sole
JW> exception of the relatively small number of commercial GNU support
JW> companies, which are more like consultants than product vendors.

Note that it is Cygnus Solutions, not Cygnus Support.