Producing the instruction implementations -Reply -Reply

Marcus G. Daniels
12 May 1997 23:30:13 -0700

>>>>> "RW" == Ray Whitmer <> writes:

MD> Cygnus' products include gnu-win32, and Kerberos, and package
MD> things like GNU binutils and GNU gdb.  They just so happen not to
MD> restrict redistribution of source code.

RW> I am ignorant of Cygnus having developed these products.  I am not
RW> certain what value Cygnus gives them besides support -- call it
RW> consulting if you like, but Cygnus calls it support.  Distribution
RW> itself is a form of support.  Even if some of the code were
RW> originally authored by Cygnus, the free availability relegates
RW> Cygnus to a support role.

gnu-win32 is 99.9% Cygnus authorship, and Cygnus holds the copyright.
Cygnus employees developed most of modern-day GNU C++ (outside of
GCC), GNU binutils and GNU gdb, although the FSF holds the copyright.
Call it whatever you want, but in majority the development did not
occur on a volunteer basis.

RW> I am tired of talking about Cygnus and would prefer to talk about
RW> the VM.  But the issue will not go away, and if no consensus is
RW> initially built, it will only cause grief. 

I, for one, am happy with a non-GPL virtual machine.  It is a simple
matter of GPLing the thing if the `free standards organization'