Definitions [dpm2]

Dennis Marer
Fri, 2 Apr 93 07:34:00 PDT

Ok, let's define some terms:

    class      - Some conceptual notion of an object, describing its
                 interface, its attributes, its ancestors.

    instance   - An instance of a class, located at a particular address in
                 memory, containing a state which can be modified or has been
                 modified through its interface.

    object     - Used interchangeably to mean both of the above.  Generally,
                 when talking about an "object" the object's class is implied.

I feel just calling something an object is sufficient unless we really need
to differentiate between an object class and an instance of that class.  Is
this acceptable to everyone else?

Note: I've been working heavily on the chapter of the kernel involving
objects and the OOP nature of Moose.  As soon as this is finished I'll send
it around so we have the concept of an object ironed down.

> Is David

> As for "our mucketmockup", ok if this is "our"s, how do I see it?  Or
> should that have been "my mucketmockup"?

Oh, jeez.  Let's get technical now, shall we?

I'm trying to develop these things for the group as a whole -> "ours".  The
kernel specs and *the* mucketymockup will be ready for the rest of you to
peruse about the same time, as they're being developed concurrently.  One
represents the sum of our ideas in written form, the other represents a
sample implementation of these ideas.