Definitions [dpm2]

Michael David WINIKOFF
Mon, 5 Apr 93 14:04:22 EST

> Ok, let's define some terms:
>     class      - Some conceptual notion of an object, describing its
>                  interface, its attributes, its ancestors.
>     instance   - An instance of a class, located at a particular address in

An instance is defined to be an instance -- talk about circular definitions ...

>                  memory, containing a state which can be modified or has been
>                  modified through its interface.
>     object     - Used interchangeably to mean both of the above.  Generally,
>                  when talking about an "object" the object's class is implied.

These definitions are circular -- if I wasn't sure what exactly an object was
(which is the case) these defns don't help -- a class is a conceptual object,
an instance is a class instance, an object is one of the above ... 

Yes, I do get the notions of interface attributes and ancestors coming out but
these aren't clearly defined.

Sorry to be picky but I feel that objects are the ONE concept that we HAVE to 
have a good solid definition of -- BTW many other publications are also
extremely wishy washy on this subject -- one of the main reasons I dislike
OO hype ...