GEN,HLL+ [far25]]

Michael David WINIKOFF
Fri, 2 Apr 93 13:11:24 EST

>  I'd like to regularly post a list of pros and cons about a new language,
> and its features. Here I compare to C++.

You're missing a third very important option -- use an existing language
other then C/C++

Eg. Modula-3, Ada, Eiffel, Sather.
Sather in particular could be a good candidate.
It has a compiler freely available. 
I'm currently FTPing it to see how much source code is included and what
are the license conditions.
> 5- being able to be interpreted, it serves as a shell language as
> well as a programming language; being powerful, and easy to specialize
> via standard libraries, it also replaces small utility languages
> (sed, awk, perl, etc); finally, being high-level and knowing of
> relations between objects, it is easily adaptated to an AI language.
> So there is no more need to learn a different language for every
> application; the same language is used for (almost) everything; no
> more need to learn new syntaxes each time.

Ummm, are we discussing the language for the system implermentation or
the user language?
I feel that the requirements for the two are sufficiently different that we
can't easily use the same language for both.

> This isn't finished, but I post it as well. Feel free to add your
> comments.
>    ,
> Fare
> PS: BTW, did anyone receive my [far23] message ? I didn't, so perhaps
> I posted it only to one person (is it you, Andreas ?), and not to the
> whole mailing-list. It wasn't a fundamental article, but I'd like not
> to write it again nevertheless.

Michael Winikoff
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