Definitions [dpm2] [djg17]

David Garfield
Fri, 02 Apr 1993 19:26:19 EST

Dennis wrote:
> Ok, let's define some terms:
>     class      - Some conceptual notion of an object, describing its
>                  interface, its attributes, its ancestors.
>     instance   - An instance of a class, located at a particular address in
>                  memory, containing a state which can be modified or has been
>                  modified through its interface.
>     object     - Used interchangeably to mean both of the above.  Generally,
>                  when talking about an "object" the object's class is implied.
> I feel just calling something an object is sufficient unless we really need
> to differentiate between an object class and an instance of that class.  Is
> this acceptable to everyone else?

I have always thought object was synonymous with instance, at least
when refering to something concrete.  I suppose others use of object
as a synonum for class may have confused me somewhat.  Maybe we should
stick with "class" and "instance", because these terms don't have
multiple possible meanings.
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